Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Cold Weather Day's Outfit

It's September! Chilly days are about to start. I particularly love cold weather outfits but being in the tropics, I don't really get a lot of chance to wear them.

Autumn Fashion

In this look, I'm wearing a checkered poncho jacket from a Japanese brand, Aton Rose over a black dress, black stockings and my white VANCL boots. I also have my panda earmuffs and a handmade flower accessory for my wrist.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Never Grow Up

Kawaii Fashion

In this look I'm wearing a black and white polka dotted chiffon dress, DIY distressed black tights, wheel shoes and a bear string bag. I added a white head accessory and a fancy pearl necklace.

kawaii fashion

You might notice that I wear a lot of black and white coordinates but believe me, I don't usually purposely do this. It just so happen that whenever I try to mix in match my clothes, the black always pairs up with the white. Does anyone else encounter this problem? (๑¯д¯๑)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Zipper Magazine (September 2013): Fashion Inspiration

Zipper is one of my favorite Japanese fashion magazine. Here are some of the inspirational looks in their September issue. Enjoy! ♥

Japanese Fashion

Japanese Trend

Zipper Magazine

Zipper Magazine September 2013 Issue

Japanese Fashion Inspiration

Japan Fashion

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer to Autumn Fashion

The September issue of Zipper (ジッパー) magazine shows how you can make your summer clothing suitable for the chilly autumn months.

Japanese Autumn Fashion

The clothes featured are from the famous Japanese brand Spinns.

Japanese Summer to Autumn Fashion

Guess our summer clothing does not need to be back at the bottom of our bureau. Thank you, Zipper and Spinns for these lovely ideas!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Japanese Tie Dye Trend

I'm not a big fan of the tie die design but seeing it as a Japanese street fashion trend leaves me in awe.

Tie Dye Fashion
Over-sized tie dye jersey shirt and leggings.

Tie Dye Tshirt
Not the regular tie dye but a tie dye patterned T-shirt.

Tie Dye Fashion
With basketball shorts and jacket.
Tie dye incorporated in a sporty look?
Why not.

Japanese Tie Dye Fashion
Tie dye shirt and snakeskin design shorts.
Who would have thought?!?

Japanese Fashion
Over-sized tie die shirt under an equally colorful vest.
A lot of things are going on in this outfit.
She's such an adorable eye candy!

Japanese Tie Dye Trend
Over-sized tie dye shirt as a mini dress.
Not the usual psychedelic art patterned tie dye.
This looks like a bleach tie dye.
Something I would definitely wear.

Tie Dye Cropped Top
Tie dye copped top over a black top.
Cropped tops has been seen everywhere in Japan during the summer.
Looks like the tie dye design made its way to the trend.

Peace Sign Tie Dye Tshirt
Tie dye shirt with peace design and large graphic shorts.
Reminds me of the western hippie subculture but with a Japanese twist.
So cute!

Hadeko Fashion
Tie dye shirts in Hadeko fashion.
These two would definitely catch the eyes of every person in the street they pass by.
I think their outfit has even completed the color wheel checklist. Amazing!

What do you think of this trend?

Japanese Tie Dye Trend

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Styling Tees the Korean Way

While T-shirts are closet staple, I find that they are also the most boring things in my wardrobe.

Luckily, I found some inspirational ways in wearing a Tee.

T-shirt Fashion

With shorts and flip-flops. Very comfy! Great for summer.

Korean Fashion

Korean Fashion

Korean Fashion

Korean Fashion

Ulzzang Fashion

how to style your tshirt

T-shirt Fashion

With shorts and sneakers. Gives off a sporty vibe. Great for a long day of walking.

Korean Fashion

With lace shorts and canvass slip-on.

T-shirt Fashion

With lace shorts and girly flats.

How to wear your tshirt with style

How to wear your tshirt

With shorts and heels. Very feminine!

Eoljjang Fashion

With shorts and sandals.

Korean Aegyo Fashion


Korean Fashion

Under a jumper. Fun and cute!

large tshirt as dress

Over-sized tshirt as dress

Over-sized tshirt as dress

Over-sized tee as a mini dress. Chic!

Kawaii shirt

Korean Fashion

With skinny jeans and sneakers. Rough and tough.

Korean Fashion

With printed jeans and sandals.

Korean Fashion

With distressed baggy denims. Edgy.

Korean Fashion

Korean Autumn Fashion

Over-sized tee and leggings. Great for chilly days.

Korean Tshirt Fashion

How to Style Tshirt

Tshirt and Maxi Skirt

Tshirt and Bandage Skirt

Tshirt and Assymetrical Skirt

Tees and skirts. Any kind of skirt amazingly suit tees!

With all these inspirational looks, I now see T shirts in a different light. They are very versatile and you can style them in so many different ways.
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