Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to Cut or Trim Your Bangs

kawaii bangs
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          Having bangs is really kawaii but in the long run it can become quite troublesome. You'll have to go to the salon every few months just to have it trimmed. I think it's such a waste of time, not to mention, money. Why have it cut with a fee when you can cut it yourself for free! Plus, it's super easy to do. All you'll  need a pair of scissors. No special hair cutting skills and experience is needed. You can also do this technique if you don't have a bangs yet and want to have one.


1. Determine your desired bangs length.
    I always cut mine below where my eyebrows are. For those who will have bangs
    for the first time, try visualizing yourself with bangs because once you cut your hair
    there's no turning back!

2. Comb your hair to the front of your face and gather your bangs or a portion of your hair.
    Tip: Grab hair in an imaginary triangular area above your forehead.

How to cut your own bangs
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3. Pull and twist the hair once
    Twisting the hair will make your bangs arch towards your temples.
    Tip: Make sure that the hair you're working on is in the center of your face.
           Make your nose as the reference. 

How to cut your bangs
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3. Cut
    Tip: Snip it straight and a bit longer than your desired length
    For those who are new to bangs, try not cutting it short at once.
    You can repeat the steps a few times until you get to your desired length.

4. Pull hair upwards and cut your with your scissors at an angle.
    This will make your bangs not look like a block of trimmed hair over your forehead and
    give the hair nice feathered ends. 

how to cut bangs
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Thank you for reading and I hope that this tutorial was helpful.

Stay kawaii! ♥


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