Monday, December 2, 2013

Etude House Freebies

What's a better way to start the month than a trip to Etude House. I love Etude house. Who doesn't anyway? Aside from their amazing products, they are also known for their generosity in giving away freebies. I love freebies. I even get to love it more when it's from Etude House. ♥ 

Etude always gives their clients an opportunity to try their products through their sample kits. They are really good in marketing their products,

5 packs of Fresh Cherry Tint, 2 packs of Milky You One Step Cleansing foam, 2 Pomegranate Mask Sheet, 3 Collagen Moistfull, 1 pink fluffy pen, 1 Hand mirror 
More than half of what's in the photo are actually freebies! I hope I was able to mention all.

Etude never fails to give the best shopping experience. Just shop the products you want and they'll give you loads of other free stuffs. It's just like attending a birthday party when I was a kid. I get to eat and play a lot and before going home I'm still given a loot bag full of treats. Haha!

Expect me to do a bunch of reviews from all the sample products I got from Etude House.
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