Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ulzzang Inspired Gradient Lips Tutorial

I have been using gradient lip makeup technique for quite a while now. This style became very popular among ulzzangs last season but I’m still not over this style! I love how it makes the lips look soft, glowing and doll-like.

What you’ll need:
1. Lip balm or lip primer
2. Lip concealer or nude colored lipstick
3. Cherry red lip tint
4. Light pink lipstick (optional)
5. Clear or peach colored lip gloss

ulzzang gradient lips

Here are the 6 simple steps that I do to achieve the look:
1. Apply a light layer of lip balm on lips.
2. Make your lips pale using a lip concealer or a nude colored lipstick. In my case, I use a concealer.
3. Apply cherry red lip tint on the inner center of the lips.
4. Spread evenly using a lip brush or your finger.
*** Apply light pink colored lipstick over the tinted area. This step is optional but I find this very helpful for the next step. It also creates better gradation.
5. Blend the color from the inner to the outer lips using an upward motion for the upper lip and downward motion for the lower lip.
6. Apply clear or peach colored lip gloss to finish.

gradient lips tutorial

Thank you for reading! And I hope you find this tutorial helpful.


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