Monday, July 29, 2013

Kawaii Biscuit: Hello Panda

Hello Panda is a biscuit manufactured by a Japanese confectionery, Meiji. These cute panda biscuits are such a kawaii treat! It comes 3 different fillings: choco cream, milk cream and strawberry cream.

hello panda

My favorite flavor would be the strawberry cream. I love anything strawberry! I love biscuits and I love pandas! This product definitely hits the sweet spot.

hello panda strawberry

The biscuits are not only flavored cream filled but as the box says, it is fun filled. The biscuits can either be round or panda-head shaped with cute panda printing doing different activities. It's quiet entertaining checking out what the pandas are up to before you munch them. 

kawaii biscuit

The printing are not that defined. Often times you'd see holes poked on the biscuits which are coincidentally located on the pandas making them look less cute but definitely not less tasty. The biscuit is crumbly and bursting with a creamy strawberry flavor which is not too sweet or overpowering. These biscuits are so kawaii and oh so yummy!

Hello Panda

L Lawliet approves!  d=(´▽`)=b But no, this product does not contain any panda chunks. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Product Review: Ice-cream Type Magic Cream Soap

I have a new make-up remover given to me as a gift. The product's name really intrigued me. It's called Ice-cream Type Magic Cream Soap! What?!? Ice cream? Soap? Magic??? I don't know but it sounds really interesting. Who haven't dreamt of lathering their face with ice cream? No? Maybe it's just me.

I'm really critical when it comes to removing makeup on my face. I have a sensitive and acne prone skin that is why I always make sure that I completely remove cosmetic products on my face before retiring to bed. I have been using cold creams for make-up removal since I first started applying cosmetics and it has been serving me good so I never tried any other makeup removal products, until today.

Ice-cream Type Magic Cream Soap

Presenting, Outi1: QuickTime 1 minute Solution, Ice-cream Type Magic Cream Soap. The one I have is grape scented. This product is made in Korea but it was bought from Japan. 

I love how the box looks.

Outi1 QuickTime 1 minute Solution

It comes with instructions written in Korean, Japanese, and English languages.

Ice cream for face

The usage guide states the instructions on how to use the product for deep cleansing, fast deep cleansing and as a bath agent.

Ice Cream Soap
The product container is a cup and it comes with a spoon. This really makes the product resemble an ice cream!

Korean Ice Cream Soap

After removing the seal I was even more amazed by how wonderful the product looks. Not to mention the smell! It smells lovely; mild grape flavor. I almost wanted to eat it! The texture is pretty much like ice cream too.

Grape Ice Cream Soap

I opted for a deep cleansing. It required 1 spoon of the ice cream soap which you will lather on wet face just like a regular facial wash.

I massaged my face with the product for 30 seconds (I left my eye makeup for the work of another product), added a few drops of lukewarm water to my hands and continued to massage for another 30 seconds, as directed. I rinsed it with lukewarm water and finished off with cold water.

I really like the packaging of the product. It's very cute. I really love how Asian products step out of the box. The product itself can be used throughout the body. This product may not only be used as a facial soap but as a body soap as well. It's very versatile. I usually prefer unscented products but I love how the soap smells. Mild grape and ice cream! I swear I can smell ice cream as I was lathering. I've never had grape ice cream before. I haven't even seen one to start with. I'm not sure if grape flavored ice cream exists but if it does, I hope it smells as good as this soap. 

The product feels like a regular facial wash and I did not have any irritation during the first 30 seconds. The other 30 seconds was another thing though. I felt a slight stinging sensation but it wasn't that bad so I finished until the last second. Rinsing with warm water washed the soap along with the stinginess. The cold water was even more soothing. My face felt really good and squeaky clean. After patting my face dry I felt a bit of tightness on my face. It left my skin a bit too dry for my taste. 

I tested how good it took of my makeup by using a cotton ball with toner. I was amazed by how clean the cotton ball was after the test. It's not the clean clean as if it was never used but clean as in no trace of makeup. I applied moisturizer after everything to counter the dryness. 

Here’s a run-down of the things that I like and I don’t like about this product.

♥  Mild grape ice cream scent
♥  Versatile
♥  Effectively removes makeup

■ Scented (Yes, I love how the product smells but I really try to avoid scented products)
■ Slight stinging sensation after the first 30 seconds
■ Made my face a bit dry

I would still recommend this product because of I find that it's really effective in removing makeup. The product claims to be a makeup remover and it does what it promises. The slight stinging sensation I felt while using the product was a bit uncomfortable but bearable. Each person's skin is different and reaction to products will vary from person to person. The product made my face a bit dry for my taste because I am used to cold creams which have moisturizing properties. I would recommend the use of moisurizer after wash.

Would I use this product again? 
Sure! I would like to try the other approaches in using it.

Disclaimer: Please do not solely rely on the information I gave. This review is purely my thoughts and experience in using the product. You should always check the product yourself and consult with your dermatologist.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kawaii on a Budget

I’m a very frugal person and I want to share where I buy and how I manage my kawaii, decora and ulzzang fashion enthusiasm without breaking the bank. 

1. DIY 

Kawaii on a Budget

Are there times when you really want to have something and it’s either not available or too pricy? What is better than to make your own? You can even revamp your old clothes. Just let the creativity flow and have fun! 

2. Kids’ Department
cheap kawaii items

If you don’t know it yet, the kids’ department has a lot of cute items! Well of course, they are for kids after all. You can buy clothes a fraction of the price for adult ones. I wear kids’ clothes and accessories because why not? Some were mine when I was younger (and still fit) while some others I have bought brand new. 

3. Thrift Shops 

Kawaii on a Budget

These places store marvelous items which are mostly hidden to the eyes. Some of you may be cringing like now. I admit that at first I was really skeptical in buying resale goods but after a few visits in a local shop, my eyes were opened into the kind of gems they have, for a very cheap price as well! You just have to be patient in looking for good stuffs in a mass of considerable junk. You can also opt to go to thrift stores with sifted items to save time and effort. Prices may be a bit higher but still good. Just remember to clean and disinfect the items you buy before using them. 

4. Street Markets 

Kawaii on a Budget

They are places for wonderful bargains! You can haggle and buy items half their price or even buy two items for the price of one. What is not to like about them? 

5. Online Shopping
Kawaii on a Budget

Most of the times items online come a bit pricy because of shipping taxes you have to pay but some of them can really be cheap not to mention, unique! You just have to be very vigilant in online shopping as it posts hazards of theft and scam. 

6. Sale Promotion 

Kawaii on a Budget
This is the best time to get your favorite brands a tad cheaper. You just have to endure rubbing shoulders against strangers and long queues. 

Thank you for reading. Stay Kawaii!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Denim Haze

I found an old jacket in my moms closet and I had this light-bulb moment to make it look kawaii. I'm not really fond of denims because I find them stiff and warm to wear but I really like this look that I came up with. An old denim over my blue layered dress doesn't look bad, no?

ombre denim jacket

The jacket had sleeves before the whole make-over I did to it. It was just a plain short sleeve denim jacket with a plain blue denim color. I cut the sleeves to make it into a vest, added some glorious spikes to the collar and ombre-fied it. 

Denim vest

I accentuated the look with some punky bracelets and a heart locket.

spike bracelets

tattoo tights

I used my starry tattoo tights to compliment the "punkiness"of the entire look and over it I wore a light brown bunchies socks. Converse for my footwear ★


I added a violin prop because I thought it fitted the puzzle and after seeing the final photo I had to say that the whole look seemed to be inspired by Lindsay Sterling!


Or the violin makes it look so. 

Kawaii punk fashion

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