JamichigoHi! My name is Jam. I'm a just a small town girl who've been wanting to blog for so long but just started June of 2013. The blog's title is a combination of my name and my favorite fruit, ichigo (strawberry).

I grew up watching anime and reading manga which led to my great love of Japan, its pop culture and everything else about it.

I love fashion particularly Japanese fashion cultures. I am awed by how rich and creative they are. I am specifically attracted to Kawaii, Decora and a little of the Korean Ulzzang. I don't really dress as much of these fashion cultures but I try my best in incorporating them to my everyday outfits.

I dream to be a student in Bunka Fashion College and have my own independent clothing line.

I will be blogging on different things that interests me like fashion and makeup. I will also be doing some DIY, tutorials and reviews.

I hope that through this blog I would be able to express myself and connect to people who shares the same interests.

I would really appreciate it if you follow my blog.

Thank you for you time!
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